Friday, 27 January 2012

Just finished a new website for a friend called

I played with three CMS systems: Joomla, concrete5 and finally settled on WordPress CMS system.

I'm pleased with the result. It looks fresh and has all the meta tags Liz wanted. Plus is quick and snappy to use.

My views on the CMS systems I tried:
  • Jooma has good customisation of templates, and a very good admin side of things, but its actually quite slow in use.
  • Concrete5 is excellent in everyway, apart from one major stumble. You can't modify any of the template colours in the admin panel. I couldn't find the right template I wanted, so I ditched it.
  • WordPress. Good admin panel, so I was confident Liz could use it to edit her pages after I handed it over. And it has lots and lots of free template and plugins (like a gallery) to choose from.