Wednesday, 5 January 2011

How to create a Gource graphical repository movie

Download Gource from extract to C:\gource-0.28.win32
Download FFMPEG from extract to c:\ffmpeg

If using SVN also download the following:
  1. from extract to c:\python31
  2. Python from I used v3.1.3. extract to c:\python31

In a DOS command prompt type:
  1. c:
  2. cd C:\Data Files\Projects (Use your own SVN repository location)
  3. svn log -r {2011-01-01}:{2010-01-01} --verbose --xml > c:\code-trunk.log
  4. cd C:\gource-0.28.win32
  5. The follow is only required if using SVN: c:\python31\python --filter-dirs c:\code-trunk.log > c:\code-trunk-gource.log
  6. gource --log-format custom c:\code-trunk-gource.log -1600x1040 --date-format "%d %B %y" --seconds-per-day 0.5 -a 0.1 --highlight-all-users --stop-at-end --disable-progress --output-ppm-stream c:\code-trunk.ppm --camera-mode overview --bloom-intensity 0.1 --output-framerate 25 --max-files 2000 --hide filenames,mouse -i 20
  7. cd c:\ffmpeg\bin
  8. ffmpeg -y -b 9000K -r 25 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i c:\code-trunk.ppm -vcodec mpeg1video -s 1600x1040 c:\code-trunk.mpg
  9. ffmpeg -vcodec copy -acodec copy -i C:\some-cool-music.mp3 -i c:\code-trunk.mpg c:\code-trunk-audio.mpg
The last step is optional, it adds an audio music to your gource video.
In step 3 above, if you remove the -r {2011-01-01}:{2010-01-01} it will export your whole repository. I just wanted last years.